Jimmy Keung's Atelier

Fine Arts Projects

Paintings in large scale are always very eye-catching in greater impact.  The paintings they are all painted or directed by Mr. Jimmy Keung, with all his hearts through strokes by strokes with brushes. 

The paintings reveal the inheritance's praise of serious painting skills and on the other hand a vitality of creation.

It manifests the true handicraft and passion of an artist's determination and passion in art.​

在大型繪畫總是非常搶眼及具更具影響力。 它們都是由Jimmy Sir由心通過油掃一下一下的筆觸繪畫出來。




Merry Christmas Kowloon City far M.jpg.p

The collector: Kowloon City Centre


該項目在 2019 年Event Marketing Awards中贏得最佳製作銅獎。

The project, KCP Reigniting the collective Memory of Hong Kong Movies, was held at the year end of 2019. The hand-painted cinema advertising billboard was a starting point, evoking memories of watching movies at cinemas and the surroundings of the olden days.

The project won the Bronze Award of Best Production at

Event Marketing Awards 2019.

The collector: East Delight

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