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Jimmy Keung's Atelier


What's happening here?

Fine art and Scenic art project藝術及舞台繪景項目 
Art-mind mentoring Class 藝術培養指導
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Determination to Art

Art painting can be in form from different medium.  Jimmy still dedicates himself in the develop, create, making of art for varied artistic environment, industry and commercial parties to manifest among people.  Besides, art can be eternally exist, endured and inherited, and through training, educating, mentoring and some other experience, more advocated artists can be introduced to benefit human's art culture and mind.

藝術繪畫可以是不同媒介的形式。 Jimmy 仍然致力於為不同的藝術環境、工、商界之間展現藝術的發展、創造、製作。 此外,藝術是永恆存在、延續和傳承的。通過培養、教育、指導及不斷磨練等的經驗,可以提攜更多藝術家,演化人類的藝術文化和心靈。

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