About Jimmy Keung

Part-time Lecturer: Hong Kong Arts School

Ex-Lecturer: Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Examiner: Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Visual Arts & Arts Education 2015-2020

Master in Fine Art - RMIT

Under the mentor of cinema billboard master Mr. Lau Wai Tong, Jimmy is another successful story of an artist trained from traditional apprentice system during the early 70s when Hong Kong was still in tough social situation, Jimmy’s deliverance proved that he could endeavor an extraordinary achievement, and became a professional cinema billboard painter in the 80s.  At the peak period, Jimmy was painting for a dozen cinemas simultaneously.


Being an art educator for over two decades, he has spent tremendous effort in training up hundreds of young artists to persuade their excellence in art.  Most of his students become distinguished artists in Hong Kong or are taking up leading artistic posts in different corporations, in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and worldwide. 



Jimmy focused on making breathtaking scenic paintings, he involved in the stage production for Dr. Lo King Man, Dr. Oscar Ho and Mr. Tim Yip etc.  With the exquisite painting techniques, in visionary and valorous image, vigorously express aesthetics in colour and extensity or even people’s inner, no matter in large scale as a in theatre stage or as small as a portrait.


Jimmy had studied further of art painting in France, Italy and UK.  The study had inspired him in making the paintings unique and project his own cultivation in art.


He is also enthusiastically serving the community with arts, he has contributed to different community art activities in Hong Kong, he hopes the community will be optimized through art.





香港演藝學院:前講師 (於1993 至2019年任教)

香港藝術發展局: 評審(2015-2020) - 視覺藝術及藝術教育


















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